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14 Aug 2012

Ace Jump

I'm happy to announce the release of my new plugin: Ace Jump. Ace Jump is heavily inspired by an emacs plugin of the same name that can be found here:


  • Install by going into File->Settings->Plugins->Browse Repositories->Ace Jump
  • Ace Jump will work with most any of the JetBrains products: Intellij, WebStorm/PhpStorm, RubyMine, Pycharm, etc
  • The source is on Github:
  • You can change the keyboard shortcut from "ctrl+;" to anything else in your settings
  • I did a lot of testing to cover all the cases for font sizes, line spacing, code folding, etc, but I'm sure there are weird combinations that I didn't account for. Please let me know if you run into them.

Tips: * After you "jump", you can hit "Ctrl+M" to scroll/center the editor on your new cursor position

I plan on doing more in-depth tutorials on developing plugins, so if you have any plugin ideas you want me to explore, please let me know.

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