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2016 Stuff I Did and Didnt Do


Created a bunch of lessons on egghead.io and helped many new instructors get started, but most of the hard work has been done by Joel Hooks. Joel leads our amazing dev and design teams and I’m really looking forward to the improvements we have planned for this year.

I’ll soon be teaching my 10-year-old son and 17-year-old nephew how to code, so I plan on creating a lot of material this year around what I learn from teaching them.

Less Workshops

I’ve pulled waaaay back on traveling and workshops. Traveling was adding unnecessary stress for money “now”, but in reality, it was getting in the way of my primary focus of creating lesson for eggead.io.

I’m only planning on a couple of conferences this coming year. I want to have a lot more fun with my presentations than I have in the past. I usually stay pretty reserved to keep be as “instructional” as possible, but there’s just too much fun going around to pass up.

Angular, uh, “2”

I know it’s “just Angular”. Angular was a rollercoaster of year for me, personally. All the changes through alphas, betas, and rcs really burnt me out. It was tough having to re-re-re-re-re-relearn things (and re-re-re-record things). In the end, it’s a fantastic feature-rich platform that I’d be confident using on huge projects. I’m still waiting on them to release proper Observable view bindings :)

With the angular-cli reaching a much better place (I’m hoping for a final release soon), I’m looking forward to creating more lessons about Angular to make sure we cover all the common and not-so-common scenarios.


Bashed my head against RxJS until I figured it out. I consider it a major accomplishment. Even if I don’t use it as a solution for everything, it’s still a fantastic exercise to get your brain to think differently. Besides, I’m surprised how often a “push-based” solution is the best solution.

I’m going to use RxJS for some things I’m not ready to talk about yet.

Everything Zeit

I :heart: everything zeit releases.

now is a dream come true.

hyper is amazing. Really a shining jewel for me in 2016.

I’ll keep using and pushing everything zeit makes.


Nuxt.js combined with

now found the sweet-spot with single-person dev workflow. I would’ve killed for tooling like this 10 years ago when we were cranking out weekly media/promo/fancy sites.

I’ll keep using Nuxt.js for many little personal projects that you’ll probably never see :)


I lost almost 100lbs a couple years ago. I had big dreams of getting super fit in 2016, but ended up pretty much staying the same. I’m not too disappointed, but I know I can do better and plan on putting in the extra effort this year.

I’m going through p90x3 the beginning of this year. I’ve worked out consistently for the past year, so I’m starting from decent shape and not worried about completing it. I do think that I’ve lost my “edge” to push myself with my workouts from home, so I want to try something different.


Started Invisalign in early September. Should be done sometime around late March. I figured that as a 35-year old, it was about time to straighten my teeth.

I plan on smiling more this year :)


Have eaten primarily freshly meals. I really can’t stand cooking or preparing my own food when I have to cook for kids, so it’s really a life-saver. A super bonus feature is that it’s automatically portion-controlled, so I just stop eating when the tray is empty.

I’m planning on sticking to freshly. It’s just perfect for my lifestyle. Foo

Writing Something Passable

I have big dreams of writing a book. Why? Because I’m terrified of the idea of other people reading what I write. I have no problem in front of large crowds with singing/performing/speaking/whatever, but preparing a well-crafted series of pages for other people to pick apart is my worst nightmare. I started by writing a bunch of writing prompts.

I’ll continue to write writing prompts this year and maybe even try some short stories. I’m thinking the “book” will be a 2018 goal.


I played a lot of Overwatch on PC last year. Love that game.

Since I’ve really only played it “solo” in quick play modes, I want to play Overwatch with more friends (and future friends). Make it more a of social experience and all that jazz. I have no idea how the friend stuff works, but I’m “jlindquist” if you’d like to add me :)


I’ve done quite a bit of meditation through headspace this past year. It’s been a fantastic exercise to calm my mind.

I’ll meditate often this year, but I have no “daily” goals.


My favorite book this past year was:

Badass: Making Users Awesome
This is required reading for everyone at egghead.io. We even send out a copy to each new instructor.

Second place:

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
A great guide to help you choose what to care about. Caring about everything and everyone will end up making you miserable.

I plan on reading a lot this year, no specific goals though. I read a lot of the young adult books my son reads so we have fun things to talk about.