Take Control of Your Keyboard Shortcuts with Karabiner Elements

“I have been trying for awhile now to remap the Ctrl+Tab”

“I wish keyboard shortcuts in every IDE were standardized.”

“I just need to get off my ass and learn Karabiner”

I’ve seen a lot of frustration in Discord Chats, Twitter, and Forums about not having enough control over keyboard shortcuts. Often, each app has their own specific keyboard shortcuts even though it’s the same action you would do in a different app. Sometimes you just want a keyboard shortcut to do something a little differently than the built-in behavior. And some people are focused more on comfort and being able to type shortcuts with less strain on their hands.

The solution to all of these problems is an app called Karabiner Elements. I was chatting with Shawn Wang on Twitter. He was aware of Karabiner, but was a bit lost on how to set it up. So I sat down with him on stream to walk him through the setup process and the mindset of keyboard shortcut enthusiast like myself.

Watch the recording below to take complete control of your keyboard!

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