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Build Siri Shortcut Automations for NFC Chips

My NFC chips arrived in the mail today. I bought these ones from Amazon: I figured I use the afternoon to figure out how to hook them into Siri Shortcuts to see if I could make anything… Read Article →

Copy and Paste From Mac to Windows With Synergy

I've been streaming more and more using a Mac for development and making music while using the PC for handling all the streaming. I was getting tired of switching back and forth between… Read Article →

Strip Characters From a String Using Bash

Today I ran into the scenario where I want to use bash/zsh to remove the file extension from a string. I wanted to read in the filename, then create a directory based on the filename. If you… Read Article →

Unruly Umbrella

I generated a random project name called "Unruly Umbrella". This gave me a YouTube video result of the following video: The Result I sliced up samples of that and came up with this song: Add… Read Article →

🎥 Building a Privacy VS Code Extension

Goal The goal of this stream was to build a VS Code extension that could hide all of the values displayed in a .env file. The Outcome We got so close to getting everything working, but… Read Article →

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